Video Piracy, Illegal Downloads, Infringement in the Internet Age

Many describe the internet era as the wild west (when it comes to intellectual property). With P2P and sharing software making it very easy to share files online, illegal behavior on the Internet is common. Today, there are new state and federal laws that are cracking down harshly on such illegal behavior. Copyright laws have […]

Is Rooting a Phone Illegal in Texas? – Jailbreak a Cell Phone…

Rooting or jail-breaking a cell phone happens when you remove the operating system restrictions on a phone to serve your own purposes. Hacking an Apple product’s digital rights management (DRM) is known as ‘jailbreaking,’ and ‘rooting’ refers to doing the same on an Android device’s DRM. Almost all smartphones & tablets have DRM software installed. […]

What is Burglary in Texas? – Criminal Attorney

You may be charged with several types of burglary in Texas. Generally, the crime of burglary is considered separate from other types of theft crimes. The reason for this is burglary involves the action of entering a building with the intention of stealing the property of another person. Call the Houston Criminal Defense Law Firm […]

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal in Texas? Can you have them in your car?

In Texas, laws regarding weapons are generally more lenient than in other parts of the country. According to Chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code, it is against the law to possess, manufacture, repair or transport brass knuckles. This is generally regarded as a third degree felony, but it may be reduced in some cases […]

Are Switch Blades Illegal in Texas – Knife Laws

It has been illegal since the 1950s to possess or use a switchblade in Texas. Carrying or using a switchblade in the past was a class A misdemeanor. People convicted for using or carrying a switchblade could receive a fine as high as $4000 and weapon confiscation. The judge also could give the person up […]

What is the Zero Tolerance Law?

The police in Texas practice a zero tolerance law. This means that anyone who is under 21 may not drive with any alcohol in their system. It is illegal for people under 21 to consume alcohol, after all. Call Houston DUI Lawyer  (281) 853-8537. But it is interesting to note that the ‘zero tolerance’ policy […]

When Is It Legal to Break the Speed Limit?

Going just one mile per hour over the speed limit is against the law in Texas. Most police officers in this state realize that the typical speedometer is accurate to within one or two MPH, depending upon the age and type of car, truck, or SUV. But the leeway that a police officer will give […]

Public Lewdness In Texas

Public lewdness, which may be referred to as indecent exposure, is a criminal offense in Texas. It involves exposing yourself or performing an act of a sexual nature in a public place. The act may be done intentionally with the intention of leading to sexual arousal or to offend people. Need a criminal lawyer in […]

Online Harassment Laws – Texas Criminal Attorney

One of the most important purposes of laws in Texas is to maintain peace and public order. Some laws in the state ensure peace and public order by making criminal various dangerous or possibly violent actions. Other laws are effective in maintaining public order by making criminal various threatening behaviors. Harassment laws are an example. […]

Does the Castle Doctrine Allow You To Legally Shoot Someone In Texas?

Many Texans own or carry guns to protect themselves and their families from harm. Therefore it is important to have a good understanding of when it is legal to use deadly force in this state. Criminal defense lawyer in Houston (281) 853-8537. Nothing in this article should be considered valid legal advice, you should consult […]