Discovery Demands For Breach Of Contract Disputes

Breach Of Contract Discovery Requests

Interrogatories Contract Dispute

You cannot do business without contracts and contract disputes are not unusual in the business world. In fact, business disputes happen even if the contract is well constructed and even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you may still face a lawsuit related to a contract dispute. You and the other party bound by your contract have to go to court if you cannot resolve your contract dispute.

You need a diligent lawyer who pays attention to detail to defend you effectively in court. Walter Law Firm will know whether or not your case will be successful during the discovery phase of a legal action.

What Is Discovery?

Sample Interrogatories To Plaintiff Breach Of Contract

Discovery Demands For Breach Of Contract DisputesBoth parties exchange critical information they have with each other during the discovery phase.  That means each party gets to review the information from the other party, which helps them decide how to proceed. Since this information is critical during the trial, the discovery stage of a case happens before the trial.

So, it’s common for parties to decide not to proceed to trial after reviewing this information. Instead, they decide to go for mediation and settle the dispute out of court. Here is what to expect during discovery:

  • The attorneys of both parties question witnesses which is a process referred to as a deposition. The witnesses are under oath and the information they reveal is critical to the case
  • Questionnaires are sent to various parties involved in the dispute. These questionnaires are called interrogatories
  • Attorneys also question expert witnesses from both sides. These are experts on specific contract issues and their opinion on who is in the wrong is quite important
  • All documents related to the contract and the breach are produced and exchanged.  These can be emails, memos, invoices, and other documents.

Don’t Destroy The Evidence

Breach Of Contract Interrogatories To Defendant

Be careful not to tamper with or shred any documents during or before the discovery phase.  Always provide the information the other side requests on time and meet all the requirements of discovery. You have to be transparent and cooperative with the other side because failing to do so could lead to consequences in court.

How To Prepare For The Discovery Phase Of A Contract Dispute Case

Elements Of Breach Of Contract Texas

Your contract dispute lawyer will represent you during the discovery phase of your case. During discovery, your lawyer will be able to identify any weak spots in your case and gain more information to strengthen your case. Here is how to prepare for discovery:

  • Collect all the relevant documents for your case such as emails, memos, contracts, written communications, and more. Your lawyer will let you know the relevant documents.
  • Contact any relevant witnesses that may have knowledge about the contract dispute. These could be employees, business partners, and other individuals that know about the contract dispute.
  • Prepare to answer all the questions you will be asked during discovery. Be truthful because any inaccuracies in your answers could impact your case negatively. You also have to provide answers to written questions.

Your contract dispute lawyer will help you prepare for discovery.

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