Pre-Trial Intervention in Texas…

In criminal cases in Texas, an accused always has the constitutional right to demand a trial by judge or jury. The decision of how a defendant resolves his case if the state refuses to dismiss depends on many different factors that should be thoroughly investigated and evaluated by an attorney. Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer. Call […]

What Does A Mistrial Mean in Criminal Law?

Most criminal trials end with either a guilty or not guilty verdict. But these are not the only possible outcomes to a criminal trial. Another possibility is a mistrial being declared. Consult a Houston Criminal Attorney. Call (281) 853-8537. TRENDING TOPICS | Expunctions | Order of Non-Disclosure | Prostitution Lawyer | A judge will declare […]

The Truth Behind “No Refusal Weekends” in Texas

Around holidays such as Independence Day and New Year’s Eve, and other special events like the Superbowl and Mardi Gras, you may see “No Refusal” notices on billboards and in TV commercials throughout Texas. Talk to a Houston DWI Attorney, call (281) 853-8537 for a free consultation. Houston No Refusal Weekends | Facts, Process, Procedures […]

What Rights Do You Have During a DWI Traffic Stop?

A DWI charge in Texas is a serious offense that carries serious penalties. However, if you are pulled over for suspected DWI in Texas, you have rights and you should be familiar with them. DWI Lawyer in Houston. Call (281) 853-8537 for a free consultation. DWI in Texas What most other states refer to as […]