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Is DWI A Felony or Misdemeanor

In Texas, a DWI is typically classified as a misdemeanor offense. DWI can become a felony charge under certain circumstances. Texas DUI | Felony vs Misdemeanor DWI is a serious offense in Texas, and the penalties can be extremely severe. If you are convicted of DWI, you could be facing a range of punishments, including […]

Texas Warrants – Harris County Criminal Attorney

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Do you have a warrant issued for your arrest? What is a warrant, anyway? CALL (281) 853-8537 Essentially, a warrant is a legal document that authorizes the authorities to do something. There are many types of warrants that accomplish a variety of things. One of the most common is an arrest warrant. This is issued […]

Video Piracy, Illegal Downloads, Infringement in the Internet Age

Many describe the internet era as the wild west (when it comes to intellectual property). With P2P and sharing software making it very easy to share files online, illegal behavior on the Internet is common. Today, there are new state and federal laws that are cracking down harshly on such illegal behavior. Copyright laws have […]

Is Rooting a Phone Illegal in Texas? – Jailbreak a Cell Phone…

Rooting or jail-breaking a cell phone happens when you remove the operating system restrictions on a phone to serve your own purposes. Hacking an Apple product’s digital rights management (DRM) is known as ‘jailbreaking,’ and ‘rooting’ refers to doing the same on an Android device’s DRM. Almost all smartphones & tablets have DRM software installed. […]

What is Burglary in Texas? – Criminal Attorney

You may be charged with several types of burglary in Texas. Generally, the crime of burglary is considered separate from other types of theft crimes. The reason for this is burglary involves the action of entering a building with the intention of stealing the property of another person. Call the Houston Criminal Defense Law Firm […]

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal in Texas? Can you have them in your car?

In Texas, laws regarding weapons are generally more lenient than in other parts of the country. According to Chapter 46 of the Texas Penal Code, it is against the law to possess, manufacture, repair or transport brass knuckles. This is generally regarded as a third degree felony, but it may be reduced in some cases […]

What If A Warrant Is Issued For My Arrest?

When the police have enough evidence that you are the most likely suspect for a crime, they will ask a judge to issue an arrest warrant. A warrant for your arrest means that the police have the right to take you into custody, wherever you may be. Whether you are at work, the gym, home […]

DWI Cases – What to Expect – Defenses

Getting arrested for DWI in Texas can be a frightening experience. Most people have no idea what to expect. This is not unusual. More than most other criminal offenses, most people charged with DWI are relative ‘newbies’ with the criminal justice system. Houston DWI Lawyer – Call (281) 853-8537 DWI Articles on this Site Minor […]

Online Solicitation of A Minor – Texas Crime Blog

Online Solicitation of a Minor charges occur often in many Texas counties. State, regional and local Internet Crimes Against Children or ICAC affiliates have been established and funded through the federal government, including the Department of Justice. Sex Crimes Lawyer – Practice Areas Indecent Exposure Online Harassment & Cyber Crimes Online Solicitation of a Minor […]

Deferred Adjudication in Texas, (Community Supervision)

Often times  in Texas criminal law we use the term “Deferred Adjudication,” when what we really mean is “Community Supervision.” Criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Tx (281) 853-8537. You can find the relevant statute (linked & reprinted below) in the Code of Criminal Procedure. Art. 42A.001. DEFINITIONS. In this chapter: (1) “Community supervision” means the […]