What If A Warrant Is Issued For My Arrest?

When the police have enough evidence that you are the most likely suspect for a crime, they will ask a judge to issue an arrest warrant. A warrant for your arrest means that the police have the right to take you into custody, wherever you may be. Whether you are at work, the gym, home or elsewhere, you are subject to arrest.

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Many people do not have a clue that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The court may not inform you that it issued the warrant. However, you may go online and check to see if there are outstanding warrants for you. Some of the sites you can check include your local sheriff and police station. Most of these sites will have a section referring to records, warrants or most wanted.

You also may contact the clerk of court. You even can go to the police station and ask, but this would likely end in your arrest.

Types of Arrest Warrants

Whether or not police actively pursue you depends upon the severity of the alleged crime. A bench warrant, for example, usually is issued for minor offenses, such as not showing up in court for a traffic offense. It is unlikely that law enforcement will invest the time and resources to pursue you for this type of warrant. But if they pull you over for another reason, they will place you under arrest.

For a more serious warrant, law enforcement will deliver the warrant and arrest you as soon as they can. The police officer must show you the arrest warrant when the arrest occurs. If the warrant is not at hand, the police officer may still arrest you, but the warrant must be provided to you as soon as possible.

Law enforcement will not usually enter your home uninvited to execute an arrest warrant. Generally, the police officer will knock and provide identification. After doing this, the police are free to use reasonable force to enter the home if you do not answer the door.

If you discover that there is an arrest warrant or bench warrant for you, it is a good idea to turn yourself in. You will be booked after a warrant is issued, but for minor violations such as missing a court date, you will probably be quickly released.

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If there is a warrant for your arrest, it is important to talk to an attorney who focuses on criminal law. The attorney can help you to determine your best legal options going forward.

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