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Charged with a Crime in Houston?

If you are charged with a crime in Houston, TX or the surrounding areas, the first thing you need to do is call an attorney. Criminal charges do not disappear, and ignoring them or putting off dealing with them only makes the situation worse.

Call (281) 853-8537 now to speak to an attorney.

You'll want to work with a defense attorney who knows exactly what the other side is looking for when they decide to pursue a case. Our attorneys use their massive experience to help our clients fight the charges they face, poke holes in the prosecution’s evidence, and minimize the consequences of those charges whenever possible.

Criminal Defense Experience you can Trust

Being a talented attorney isn’t enough to effectively represent criminal defense clients in Houston, TX. Successful criminal defense attorneys have knowledge and experience accompanying their natural talents. We draw from a vast array of legal and life experience working on cases in Texas to provide the legal representation you or your loved one needs when facing charges related to:

Driving While Intoxicated

Even the top lawyers in Houston will tell you that the cost of a driving while intoxicated conviction in Houston can be severe. Our experience shows that the sooner you get an experienced criminal defense law firm involved, the better. Our experience also shows that it is possible to beat a DWI charge in the Harris County criminal courts.

A conviction for DWI in Houston is a Class B misdemeanor (1st offense), and you face the following penalties:

  1. Loss of driver’s license for 90 to 365 days
  2. Jail time of 3 – 180 days, which may be suspended
  3. Monetary fines (discussed here)
  4. Possibly six months to one-year probation

Many driving while intoxicated criminal convictions can cause defendants to lose their job once a review of their criminal record is conducted by their employer.

Law enforcement officers make mistakes all the time in diagnosing whether someone is intoxicated beyond the legal limit of 0.08 Blood Alcohol Content. After all, this is actually a medical diagnosis, and most law enforcement officers are not medical doctors.

Field sobriety tests, breathalyzer testing devices, and evidence handling mistakes can all contribute to the improper conclusion that a driver was intoxicated. All of that was said, to convey the simple fact that not everyone who is accused of a crime is actually guilty of that crime in accordance with the law.

This is why it is extremely important to contact an attorney as soon as possible so they can begin formulating your best defense.

This is also why it is best that you work with an attorney who is an expert in DWI / DUI defense. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your case.

1st Offense DWI Punishment

  • $2,000 fine maximum, 3 - 180 days in jail
  • lose license for up to one year, up to $2,000 / year for 3 years to keep your license

2nd DWI Punishment

  • $4,000 fine maximum, 30 days to one year in jail
  • lose license for up to two years, + annual fee (discussed above) to keep license

3rd DWI Punishment

  • $10,000 fine maximum, two - ten years state prison
  • lose license for up to two years, + annual fee (discussed above) to keep license

Intoxication Manslaughter

  • 2nd degree felony, 2 - 20 years state prison, includes mandatory minimum
  • $10,000 fine maximum

Open Container Violation

  • Class C misdemeanor, $500 fine
  • If also charged with a DWI, then upgrade to Class B misdemeanor + six days in jail

DWI With Child Passenger

  • If you have a child under the age of 15 in the vehicle, you may be charged with child endangerment.
  • $10,000 fine maximum, up to two years in jail, lose license for up to six months, + certain other fees

Drug Crimes

Have you been charged with the possession, distribution, or manufacturing of illegal narcotics? Our Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers will help you develop your best defense against these charges.

A Houston Criminal Attorney who is experienced in defending cases in Harris County / Galveston county, Tx will work on your case, and be familiar with the tactics that the state and federal governments may use to establish your guilt in a criminal proceeding.

It is no secret that Harris County has been cracking down on drug crimes lately. The Houston area law enforcement agencies take "the war on drugs" very seriously and it is not uncommon for the State to pursue the maximum penalty in drug related cases. Many times first offenders are surprised to learn just how much incarceration time they are facing.

The prospects get even worse for second and third time drug offenders. And in certain cases, you may actually be facing federal charges, especially if you are part of a nationwide drug trafficking investigation.

What About Marijuana Crimes?

The laws in certain states have actually legalized marijuana use and possession. That has led certain clients to believe that some prosecutors in the Houston area are less likely to pursue marijuana charges. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you don't need an experienced defense attorney to defend your marijuana charges.

Cocaine crimes in Houston.

High levels of violent and property crime in Houston are often associated with the distribution and abuse of illicit drugs, particularly crack cocaine and methamphetamine. Crack cocaine is the drug most associated with violent and property crime. Gangs and other crack distributors commonly commit assaults, carjackings, drive-by shootings, home invasions, robberies, and firearms violations to protect and expand their drug operations. In addition, crack cocaine abusers often commit property crimes such as burglary to support their addictions. Methamphetamine abuse is often associated with violent and property crime in Houston; these crimes may escalate as methamphetamine abuse increases. -https://www.justice.gov/archive/ndic/pubs23/23932/crime.htm

There has been a crackdown on both powder cocaine and crack cocaine in Houston. The reason is that these "hardcore" drugs often lead to much higher rates of violent crime where they are prevalent. These type of drugs are usually controlled and distributed by violent street gangs or even foreign drug cartels.

This is why it is not uncommon for prosecutors to push for maximum penalties in certain drug cases. You should always work with an experienced attorney when you are facing these type of charges in Houston.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

Federal criminal charges can be very complex. They require an intimate level of knowledge of both constitutional issues, procedural issues, and federal criminal statutes.

Drug related federal charges are some of the most common cases in the federal court system. But we have also seen a rash of fraud related cases. These include bank fraud, mail fraud, and securities. And now with many families finding it difficult to afford medical insurance, there are more and more cases involving medicaid and medicare fraud.

With Houston being one of the nations leading real estate markets, mortgage loan fraud cases have become just as popular as other "white collar" crimes like embezzlement, tax fraud, tax evasion, and business fraud.

Additionally, in a high business area like Houston, many business entities find themselves in need of an environmental crimes lawyer due to toxic waste disposal, water and air contamination, and other environmental impact violations. Do not face federal charges like this alone. Call our office for a consultation.

Other Criminal Charges

In addition to the charges mentioned above, you may find yourself facing other charges like burglary, assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, or theft. You may also be facing murder or manslaughter charges.

Each of these can carry heavy penalties and fines. Call our office today for a consultation on your case.


Murder is charged as a 1st degree felony in Texas, but it can be charged as a 2nd degree felony if you are under the immediate influence of sudden passion.

You can be found guilty of murder if you:

  1. intentionally and knowingly cause the death of an individual;
  2. intend to cause serious bodily injury and commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of an individual; or
  3. commit or attempt to commit a felony, other than manslaughter, and in the course of and in furtherance of the commission or attempt, or in immediate flight from the commission or attempt, you commit or attempt to commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes the death of an individual.

We can defend clients against murder charges. See Texas Penal Code section 19.02 for the full definition of Murder.

Kidnapping & Human Trafficking

These crimes are sometimes associated with human trafficking. The state of Texas takes these crimes very seriously, and they can be found in a few different places in the Code. If you are charged with one of these crimes, contact a criminal attorney immediately.


Kidnapping is a 3rd degree felony in Texas. See section 20.03.

Aggravated Kidnapping

This crime is charged as a 1st degree felony, but it can be charged as a 2nd degree felony if the victim was released voluntarily and in a safe place. See section 20.04.

Smuggling of Persons

  • 1st degree felony if the victim became a victim of sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault or suffered serious bodily injury or death.
  • 2nd degree felony if substantial likelihood that the victim will die or suffer serious bodily injury or if the victim is a child under 18 yrs.
  • 3rd degree felony if none of the above exists. See section 20.05.

Continuous Smuggling of Persons

  • 1st degree felony if substantial likelihood that the victim will die or suffer serious bodily injury or if the victim is under 18 yrs.
  • 1st degree with minimum of 25 years imprisonment if victim became the victim of sexual assault or aggravated sexual assault or suffered serious bodily injury or death.
  • 2nd degree felony if none of the above exist. See section 20.06

Trafficking of Persons & Continuous Trafficking of Persons

These criminal charges are defined in sections 20A.02 and 20A.03 of the Texas Penal Code. Continuous trafficking of persons is charged as a 1st degree felony with a minimum of 25 years imprisonment. Section 20A.02 can sometimes be charged as a 2nd degree felony, but the code lists many instances where it will be upgraded to a 1st degree felony.

If you are charged with any crime in the Greater Houston area, then our office can help defend you against prosecution. Call us immediately for a consultation.