Top 5 Dog Parks in Houston

Houstonians are known to be pet lovers and pet lovers need dog parks. Here are the top 5 dog parks in the Houston-area.

Millie Bush Bark Park

This park stretches over 13 acres and is dog lovers’ top spot for taking their furry friends. Along with the large area the park covers, it is surrounded with double-gated fencing which is ideal for a dog park. Millie Bush Bark Park is great because, large and small dogs are separated, there are swimming ponds, and just in case the dogs get dirty, there are dog showers. The park also includes a walking trail shaded by trees, lines with plenty of water fountains, benches, and restrooms.

Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou is a recreational park that stretches for miles, and borders the Downtown Houston skyline. This park has beautiful trails and fields that any dog would love to wander. Buffalo Bayou has a special area for our four-legged friends to play in. One dog park is for medium and larger dogs, while the other dog park is for tiny and small dogs. These parks have a water fountains, a water pond, and a rest areas for the dog owners.

Discovery Green

Located on 1500 McKinney, Discovery Green is home to two dog parks: The Kinder Large Dog Run and the Harriet and Joe Foster Small Dog Run. Discovery Green provides so many amenities for Houstonians such as an ice rink, access to various food vendors, and a laid-back area to relax within the city. The dog park ensures that owners do not leave their pets at home and provides a fun place for the entire family.

Bill Archer Bark Park

One of the largest dog parks in the Houston-area, Bill Archer Bark Park is also split into two sections—one for large dogs, and the other for small dogs. This park provides walking trails, ponds, agility courses, and wash stations. The park also has various rest areas that are shaded by an abundance of trees, making it a hot attraction for dog owners.

Danny Jackson Dog Park

Another popular dog park is the Danny Jackson dog park. Located in southwest Houston, this dog park separates large and small dogs, has a swimming pond, and has washing stations for the dogs that had a little bit too much fun. The best thing about this park is that they are open late and there is ample parking.