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Immigration cases are often complex requiring the guidance of experienced and dedicated immigration lawyers. Your lawyer and your loved one can help you achieve your dreams of staying in the United States. It doesn’t matter whether you are facing a removal proceeding or even trying to get citizenship through naturalization, an immigration lawyer can make the whole process easier.

The initial consultation with a lawyer is often free. In addition, your lawyer may also be bilingual speaking both English and Spanish. Immigration Attorneys In Houston, Texas understand all the details of immigration law and understands how different laws impact your life.

Why You Need An Immigration Lawyer

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There are multiple fields of law in immigration law, but not a single set of rules affect all immigration issues. These include:

  • Laws for obtaining a green card or a visa
  • Securing sponsorship
  • Laws covering asylum seekers
  • Laws for obtaining citizenship
  • Laws for defending and obtaining green card status

Whether you are seeking a green card, citizenship, or changing your status, you will need the help of a lawyer to file paperwork. All the details in the documents you use must be accurate and any mistake may lead to serious issues. Your lawyer can also make the process of obtaining citizenship for you and your close family easier and quicker.

Not only can your immigration lawyer answer all your questions but also defend you in court.  Lawyers can also rectify mistakes you or the federal government make during the application process.

Immigration Legal Process Is Complex

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Immigration Lawyers in Houston, TX Free ConsultationDue to immigration politics in Texas, many laws have been changed and many more are set to be changed in the future. You need an immigration lawyer that can help you understand your rights as a legal or non documented immigrant in this environment. Apart from making immigration law confusing and complex, politics has made everything expensive and time-consuming.

Your lawyer can help you get a legal entry if you are not a non documented immigrant. You also need the lawyer’s help if you are facing removal proceedings, are seeking a visa extension, or are accused of identity theft. An experienced immigration lawyer in Houston can protect your rights and make the immigration process easier.

What Are Immigrant Rights In Houston?

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People who immigrate to Houston, TX either as visitors or permanent residents have the following rights:

  • They have the right to speak with an immigration lawyer for legal representation
  • They have the right to remain silent as they cooperate with local law enforcement or immigration agencies. Always ask for a lawyer when people from these agencies want to interrogate you or speak to you
  • They have the right to make a phone call after an arrest
  • They have the right to leave if an officer says that they are not under arrest or detained.  Tell the officer that you wish to leave but only leave if the officer says you may.
  • Legal immigrants have an easier time if they always have their documentation on them wherever they go.

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